Thursday, January 14, 2010

School is in session ...

Well I thought that since I'm doing the whole stay at home mommy job I would start the Tuzzolo Preschool. I only two children enrolled but they are the BEST children in the world. I have to admit that I haven't done school everyday with them but it is getting better. I have to learn how to juggle preschool with two DIFFERENT age groups, my college work, household chores, outside playtime, my time with God, time for Kevin, etc, etc. I think it would easier if Kev was home during the weeknights but he is in school Monday thru Friday. He leaves the house at 4:45 PM and gets home at 9:45 PM. It sounds tough and some days at 7:30 PM I have all I can take. However thank GOD that I don't have to rely on my strength to get through the day.

Anyways back to school ... Dalton and Payton have had two weeks of school. Last week we learned about bugs ... bumble bee, butterflies, bugs. Do you see the common theme? Yes, the one with your hand raised. Yes, that's right ... the letter B.

This week we are learning about Community Helpers - firefighter, police officer, mail carrier, baker. There will be field trips this week! WOO-HOO!! The post office and bakery (the bakery is tomorrow). Today we went to the post office and mailed our thank you notes from our Christmas presents. To everyone who gets one, please do me a favor and let Dalton and Payton know that you received it. I'm trying to correlate the whole mail process. Also, please comment on Dalton's writing of his name. He is working on this.

Here are some pictures from school. I will post the bakery pictures tomorrow.

Talk to you soon

This is Dalton and Payton on the first day of Tuzzolo Preschool. They wanted to bring their backpacks to school. :)!
Payton wanted to wear mommy's shoes to school.

Dalton painting his bumble bee.

Payton painting her bumble bee.
Dalton getting his sillys out during Music & Movement.

Payton getting sillys out!

Dalton & Payton on our field trip to the Post Office.
Standing in line at the post office.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

A New Year ... 2010

Well we made it through 2009. It was a year of ups and downs. God held us all the way through. I'm sooooo looking forward to seeing what He has in store for us in 2010. Here is the run down of our lives ...

Kevin - He got is job back this past October. Woo-Hoo!! He is still in school.

Jennae - I had my hysterectomy in October. I lost my job December 10. However, I was accepted at Liberty University in their Business Marketing degree. YIPPIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dalton & Payton - They are doing great! They are four and two now. Man, they are growing up sooooooooo fast.

We hope everyone has a wonderful beginning to a great year.

Monday, June 22, 2009

A Day with Pirates!

We have a lot of fun things to do in Jacksonville. And since the city is cut in half by the St. Johns River, we have a lot of fun water things to do. One of them is Sail Jacksonville. Old fashion pirate ships sail in to the Jacksonville Landing and pirates walk around. You can go onto the ships and walk around. Dalton had a blast!!! ARRGGHH - Matey! We heard that for days ALL day long. Now we just hear it when he is playing pirates. Enjoy the pics.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Mother's Day Weekend in Taylors

We had a fun weekend at MiMi's house for Mother's Day. Kevin and the kids went up the week before to spend some time with MiMi. I went up Thursday night with my two sisters. Mom had her "Honey Do" list for Kev. They went up there also to see MiMi graduate with her Masters from NGU. It lasted great until Dalton saw MiMi come in and wanted her to sit with him and proceeded to have a HUGE melt down when she couldn't. So Kevin, Dalton and Payton spent the graduation in the car. Poor MiMi had no family see her walk the stage. However, our GREAT friend Brittany was there and she got good pics of her. The rest of the weekend was spent chillin' out with momma. And going to our favorite pizza place downtown. We had a great weekend! It was great being up there with momma. And Dalton and Payton and Avery had a blast with MiMi. Too bad Lil Joshua couldn't come up, he had school.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Family Fun Night

We had a blast! We went to the Jacksonville Sun's baseball game. It is Jacksonville's Double A baseball team. This is the first time that Dalton and Payton went to a baseball game. (Well, I take that back. Dalton went to a Braves game when he was about 15 months old, but he doesn't remember it.) We were on the third baseline first row. Dalton had a friend come with us, Mallory. His first little play date without the other parents. I went to high school with Mallory's mommy and aunt. And then we met again when she hired me at my current job. I know! It's a TOTAL GOD thing. We took Mallory to let Kelli (mommy) get everything in line for Joe (daddy) to come home. He is in the Navy and his boat pulled in to port today at Mayport Naval Station. YEAH!!! Anyways, the kids were great. And had a blast! Just a side note - we were winning 9 to 3 at the top of the 7th when we left. Enjoy the pictures!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I know! I know!!

I know it has been a LONG time since I posted anything on our blog. But remember what I said, "I'm not promising anything". I thought I would start this up again so my momma and all of our friends in SC could keep up with us. Also, my sister-in-law is in the Navy and she needs to be able to watch her babies grow up.

So here is the lastest on the Tuzzolo Four ...

We are doing great! God is soooo good! I will break it down by person.

Kevin - He is still in the electrical field but is currently unemployed. He was laid off February 27. He is currently looking but there is NOTHING out there. He is thinking about going back to school to get his X-Ray Tech degree. He figures that he can always rely on the medical field. So in the meantime, he is a stay-at-home daddy. He knows that he needs to cherish this time with Dalton and Payton and he is but some days are harder than others. He would much rather be at work and me be home with the children. I do have to say that he is doing an excellant job!!!

Dalton - He is 3 1/2 years old now. He is getting soooo big. He is 40" tall and about 40 pounds. He is very funny! He is full of life and energy. He thrives off of structure and routine. Therefore does great at pre-school. Needless to say staying home with daddy is a little crazy for him. But both Dalton and Daddy are adjusting.

Payton - She is 17 1/2 months old. She is getting big too. She is still tiny for her age but BIG for Payton. She is 31" and 22 pounds. She is blond curls and big blue eyes. Yes, daddy AND mommy are in trouble! She is starting to talk alot more. She is very active and tries to keep up with her hero - her boo-boos AKA Dalton.

And lastly, me - I'm working at a great company, MDI-GHS. I'm currently the Billing Administrator. It is a fancy title for a normal job. We handle the processing of federal inmates claims. No, I don't come in contact with any of them, I just know their names and what institution they are at. However, I'm trying to get on with a different division within MDI. It is for a position in the Collection Team as the Collection Manager. This is what I love to do - collect money from medical providers. I'm also still in school. I'm still at Greenville Tech, taking online classes. I hopefully will be done next May with my AA. I will then move on to Jacksonville University or North Florida University to get my BA. And then on to FLORIDA STATE UNIVERSITY to get my MBA.

As you can see, things are good. I would ask anyone that reads this, please pray that God would provide a job for Kevin and the new position for me. However, please let me say that we are doing great! We are actually able to save money with the children not in pre-school.

Talk to y'all soon!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Payton is Dedicated to the Lord

Our little girl was dedicated to the Lord on Mother's Day. We are so very grateful that we have the opportunity to be the mommy and daddy to Payton (and Dalton). But more importanly we have the awesome opportunity and responsiblity of raising Payton (and Dalton) in the Lord. We are so blessed!

Thank you Lord for our little girl. We ask that You would give us the wisdom, patience and love to mold her and guide her in Your way. We ask that even now Your blood would be poured over her and You are calling who as one of Your own.

And as mommy I have to say that my girl little was soooooooo pretty and beautiful!!